Rushden Mission Church

Sunday Services

Morning Service 10:45am

Our morning services are bright, contemporary and include worship songs led by the Worship Group.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday morning of the month.

When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, our morning service is a "Prayer and Praise" Service, which is an unplanned service, given over to the congregation to praise and to testify to the work that God is doing in their lives.

There is Sunday school (they call it SUDZ) for tots and for the older children. Whilst children are welcome to make noise in the services, there is also a creche at the back of the church where you can go with them if you would prefer. From the creche you may see and hear the service, but not be heard by others.

Evening Worship 5:30pm

The evening services are more traditional and reflective in the free church style and are followed by tea, coffee and biscuits.
On the fourth Sunday evening of most months our service is a united service held at the Wesleyan Church at Wymington. Please check the Calender section for the current month.
Communion is celebrated at the evening on the second Sunday of the month.

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